Hiring for School Social Counsellor

Hiring for School Social Counsellor
School social workers specialize in working with school-aged children, their parents, teachers, and
school administrators to help students cope with a wide range of issues and perform well academically.
Responsibilities includes; not limited to
* Counseling students
* Creating individualized plans to help students improve
* Managing case records
* Reporting any child abuse or neglect
* Educating parents on available resources to help their child
* Providing some teacher training (i.e. in behavior management)
* Attending educational planning meetings
* Advocating for students, families, and resources
Required Specifications
* Bachelor’s Degree in Social Service or Social Science, Psychology, Child Psychology or related field.
* This is a full time position.
* Have good organisational and administrative skills
* Excellent communicator
* Very well organized.
* Must be fluent in Arabic and English